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 kuro9795    26 years old    male    Miami, FL    member since 2023

Local Miami Musician

Written with ChatGPT please excuse the weirdness Currently on the lookout for a drummer for my band and open to those with their gear and transportation. Drummer is my main focus right now, but I'm also open to side projects. Even with my 9-to-5 in the world of large format printing, I'm pretty committed to music. My schedule usually opens up after work, and I'm up for in-person meetups when possible. Some might label me as introverted and aloof, but my close friends seem to like me a lot and find me engaging, especially when I open up. I can get chatty at times, especially about my passions-- maybe because I'm somewhere on the spectrum, but my friends seem to dig... Hoping it is more charming than annoying or weird. I'm hoping to connect with like-minded individuals, musically and personality wise. When it comes to music, I've got a good ear and a fascination with the craft behind it. I've been playing guitar since I was 7 (I am now 26). I'm partial to rhythm guitar and think I am a decent songwriter, though I struggle with the creative and emotional aspects of songwriting. Thankfully, my current band's singer-guitarist shines in those areas. They're the creative force, and I'm usually the one who connects the s to bring the song to life. I feel the emotions, but expressing them in words and music can be challenging. Collaborating with the right folks could reignite my creativity and bring fresh musical energy. If I were to start or join a new project, I'd likely opt for guitar, though I'm currently loving bass. Would seem like a lot of fun, but definitely need to grab an amp for live gigs (or at least borrow one for rehearsals or using a backline setup for now). Singing is also on the table, hopefully with a bass or guitar maybe. I'm more into rhythm playing and can handle some lead guitar, though shredding and intricate sweeps aren't my forte. You can check out my guitar skills in my current project, Hometown Losers, or my Channel. Thanks for reading!

Musical Influences & Inspiration

Just gonna name some bands I love or like (in no order), of which I am not sure where they fit genre wise, including favorite songs or album from them: Basement (all of Colourmeinkindness) Failure (all of Fantastic Planet) Citizen (all of Youth) Arm's Length (Watercolour - all of Never Before Seen, Never Again Found), Free Throw (right now Two Beers In - Randy, I Am The Liquor - Pallet Town - Cloud Sick - Down & Out - The Corner's Dilemma), The Hotelier (Your Deep Rest - Among The Wildflowers), Have Mercy (Let's Talk About Your Hair - The Gates - When I Sleep), Microwave (Something Right), Mom Jeans. (What's Up? - Death Cup - jon bong jovi), Hot Mulligan (all of You'll Be Fine - all of Pilot - Dary - I Replied To Tyler with Three Blue Cars - Something About a Bunch of Dead Dogs - I Fell in Love With Princess Peach) , Origami Angel (all of Somewhere City), Touche Amore (most of Stage Four), Title Fight (Head in The Ceiling Fan - Shed - Crescent Shaped Depression - 27 - Stab), Joyce Manor (You Gotta Let It Go - Catalina Fight Song - NBTSA - Eighteen - The Last You Heard Of Me), Movements (all of Outgrown Things - all of Feel Something), Charmer (Topanga Lawrence - Roy's Our Boy), Oso Oso (Where You've Been Hiding - Track 1, Side A), I'm Glad It's You (Curbside - Part Of The Act), Avec Plaisir (Jarry St. - Junji Burrito - Jabroni), Ben Quad (You're Part of It - Blood for the Blood God - Joan of Hill - We're Gonna Be Here for a While - You Gotta Learn to Listen, Lou) Teenage Wrist (Silverspoon - Earth Is A Black Hole - New Emotion) Slow Joy (Crawl II) Pierce The Veil (all of A Flair For The Dramatic - all of Selfish Machines - most of Collide With The Sky) twentythreenineteen (You - Irrational - Tangled - Lost) *Boy Shorts (Tigers Jaw - Bossa Nova) *Odd Sweetheart (Structure - Kendall Heights) Good Hangs (Low Life - I Watched All My Friends Fade Out) *shout out to Aaron and Crow, love you guys

Music Genres

Alternative Rock, Other

Proficient With

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar

Gear & Equipment

Several electric guitars (Fender Powercaster, a couple Reverend guitars, a Yamaha Revstar, Fender CME Jazzmaster, a Squier Jaguar HH ST I am converting into a Johnny Marr jaguar), an electric bass Ibanez Talman TMB300 (basically a PJ but with 2 J pickups and can switch between single coil and humbucker... has blend knob and onboard preamp), 2 acoustic guitars (1 ibanez electric acoustic, 1 orangewood acoustic), focusrite 2i2 interface 3rd gen with functional PC and yamaha HS5 monitors (I can do some basic at home demos through Reaper or Ableton Live 11), various pedals & a DOOMBOARD pedalboard, 2 Fender Combo amps (Hot Rod Deluxe and FSR '68 Deluxe Reverb, a custom made Strange Audio combo amp called a Lux Plus, an Orange 2x12 Cabinet with a V30 and a Creamback in it

Interested In Musicians Proficient With

Drums, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist - General

Seeking To

Start a band, Find musicians

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