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Bass Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Sub bass player when you need a quality player who reads music and plays by ear. Can fill in or work as regular and can do backup vocals.

Bass Guitar 50 Yrs Of Playing Oldies, Jazz, Lounge

Largo, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Country | Jazz
  Largo, FL

Bass Guitar | Drums
Looking for other pro players to form band or join an established situation. Have vast repertoire of older and modern country, classic and southern rock, 50 s, 60 s Motown, fast learner, specialize in last minute fill in work,, seeking studio work, last minute fill-in work, or long term in established band situation,, can travel, first studio bass session free,

Pro Bassist/guitarist Just Moved To Daytona Beach.

Ormond Beach, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock | Country | R&B
  Ormond Beach, FL

Bass Guitar | Lead Guitar
I have a solo music project (called Derilexus) that could probably be best described as industrial rock/metal, genre-wise. I want to see if any vocalists (I'm open to style) would be interested in being a part of it. open./artist/7KjLzIgMX96aDsPIKGYiXS?si=K-weafYERRaLAQ5M-qMSmQ

Industrial Rock/metal Project Seeking Vocalist.

Orlando, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Electronic | Hard Rock | Metal
  Orlando, FL

Bass Guitar | Vocalist - General
At the moment, we just had our lead guitar player quit, so I m looking to connect with lead guitar players

Bass Player - Louder Than Atoms

Dunedin, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Hard Rock
  Dunedin, FL

Acoustic Guitar | Bass Guitar
Written with ChatGPT please excuse the weirdness Currently on the lookout for a drummer for my band and open to those with their gear and transportation. Drummer is my main focus right now, but I'm also open to side projects. Even with my 9-to-5 in the world of large format printing, I'm pretty committed to music. My schedule usually opens up after work, and I'm up for in-person meetups when possible. Some might label me as introverted and aloof, but my close friends seem to like me a lot and find me engaging, especially when I open up. I can get chatty at times, especially about my passions-- maybe because I'm somewhere on the spectrum, but my friends seem to dig... Hoping it is more charming than annoying or weird. I'm hoping to connect with like-minded individuals, musically and personality wise. When it comes to music, I've got a good ear and a fascination with the craft behind it. I've been playing guitar since I was 7 (I am now 26). I'm partial to rhythm guitar and think I am a decent songwriter, though I struggle with the creative and emotional aspects of songwriting. Thankfully, my current band's singer-guitarist shines in those areas. They're the creative force, and I'm usually the one who connects the s to bring the song to life. I feel the emotions, but expressing them in words and music can be challenging. Collaborating with the right folks could reignite my creativity and bring fresh musical energy. If I were to start or join a new project, I'd likely opt for guitar, though I'm currently loving bass. Would seem like a lot of fun, but definitely need to grab an amp for live gigs (or at least borrow one for rehearsals or using a backline setup for now). Singing is also on the table, hopefully with a bass or guitar maybe. I'm more into rhythm playing and can handle some lead guitar, though shredding and intricate sweeps aren't my forte. You can check out my guitar skills in my current project, Hometown Losers, or my Channel. Thanks for reading!

GTR Need Drummer (Homestead/Kendall/Doral)

Miami, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Other
  Miami, FL

Bass Guitar | Other Percussion
I m up for anything. I just want to rock and play my bass. Been in bands for over 40 years.

Old Man Bass Player Looking To Jam

North Port, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Hard Rock
  North Port, FL

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