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What are Musicians Classifieds?

Musicians classifieds are online listings where musicians can post ads seeking other musicians to collaborate with, join their band, or to find gigs. Some services offer listings that are free to post (e.g., while others charge a fee. Musician classified ads can be a great way to connect with other musicians in your area.

How do I find local musicians?

Using a free musician classifieds service like is a great way to find local musicians.

When posting a musician classified, what should I include?

When creating a musician classified ad, always include the instrument(s) you play proficiently, your musical style and influences, your experience level and your availability.

What are some tips for creating a sucessful musicians classified ad?

Be clear and concise in your ad. Use keywords that people will be searching for. Proofread your ad carefully before posting it. Update your musician classified ad regularly.

Do musicians classified ads work?

Yes, once you have posted your ad, be patient and wait for responses, or better yet, proactively reach out to other musician classified ad posts. It may take some time to find the right musicians to join your band or to find gigs. However, with a little patience, you should be able to find the musical partners you are looking for.

Is there a Tinder for musicians?

Musicians Connect is similar to Tinder except for musicians. With this free service you can search, find and connect with musicians near you for free.

Is there an app to find local musicians? is a free website application designed to help musicians find and connect with local musicians near you for free.

Musicians classifieds can be a great way to connect with other musicians and to find gigs. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success.

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Ashburn Musicians Wanted

NoVA Prog Power Metal

Ashburn, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Hard Rock | Metal
  Ashburn, VA

Acoustic Guitar | Bass Guitar
Have all the bass equipment for any gig. I sing harmonies and background on many and a few lead vocals on a few...

Uprite And Elec Bass/classic Country, Rockabilly

Alexandria, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Country | Psychobilly
  Alexandria, VA

I began my drum journey a little more than a year ago, so I am not ready to join a band ye, but I do want to get together with other musicians and play to grow my skills and motivate me to the next level.

Looking For Other Hobby Musicians

Cross Junction, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Bluegrass | Blues | Classic Rock
  Cross Junction, VA

Vocalist - Tenor
Looking for a Lead guitarist and a Drummer to join my backup band. I have a Bass player and Keyboard player

Gospel Singer Songwriter In Tradition Of Sam Cooke

Bowie, Maryland Musicians Wanted

  Christian Contemporary | Christian Traditional
  Bowie, MD

Drums | Other Percussion
I'm the founder, manager, producer, drummer, and leader of Avenue 66, LLC Band. I'm looking for a second keyboard player to play horns, second guitar and effects. The other keyboard player plays keys and strings. We are a variety-cover band performing genres of Jazz, R&B, Latin, Pop, Rock, Country, Reggae, Soul, Patriotic, Motown etc.

Avenue 66 Musicians Wanted

Hyattsville, Maryland Musicians Wanted

  Jazz | Latin | Pop
  Hyattsville, MD

Bass Guitar | Lead Guitar
Mature lead guitarist /bandleader performing old school popular multi-genre music: R&B, country, soul, blues, rock and roll, southern rock; sprinkled with a few originals. Looking to work the private function circuit and concerts.

Buddy Ivory Lead Guitar And Vocals

Jessup, Maryland Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock | Country | R&B
  Jessup, MD

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