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Drums | Other Percussion
Seasoned Drummer Aux-Percussionist Roots in Big Band Jazz, Prog-Rock, Louisiana Blues, Latin, Classical, Christian... Combine ALL these styles in my (Push & Pull) abilities of driving any size band. Play a Melodic Trap Set with surrounding Aux-Percussion. My Specialty Is Embellishing & Complimenting while maintaining a solid bottom. Have worked with an all Original Jazz Quartet, Dixieland Jazz Band, Lenney Michelle-Louisiana, Blues Jazz Rock Band, Santana Tribute Band, Rapture-All Original Christian Band and so on and on Seasoned Drummer Aux-Percussionist Roots in Big Band Jazz, Prog-Rock, Louisiana Blues, Latin, Classical, Christian..bine all these styles in my Push & Pull abilities of driving any size band

Seasoned Drummer Aux-Percussionist

Bay Shore, New York Musicians Wanted

  Christian Contemporary | Jazz | Latin
  Bay Shore, NY

Acoustic Guitar | Keyboard
I am Robin Harrison, and I work as a Manager, Media/Publicity at Republic Records.

New York City Musicians Wanted

New York, New York Musicians Wanted

  Bluegrass | Blues | Classic Rock
  New York, NY

Drums | Other Percussion
Remote recording capable. Exceptional high-end results at artist-friendly prices. Please inquire within. Experienced professional drummer/percussionist - offering an array of world hand percussion and an encyclopedic range of drumset styles - available to collaborate with creative artists of all music disciplines in both live and in-studio/remote recording settings. Please forward any descriptive details and objectives of your music to the Musicians Connect messaging address above. Flexible performance/rehearsal rates are available to accommodate your budget. For additional biographical information and audio/video samples visit themusicpilgrim on all social media platforms. Complete promotional package including biography, recorded discography, references, resume, photos, equipment list, and MP3's can be forwarded upon request. Thank you for your time. ~Chris Howard

Drumset & World Hand Percussion For Hire

Queens Village, New York Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Bluegrass
  Queens Village, NY

Acoustic Guitar | Lead Guitar
Interested in writing and recording some originals. Have some original music that is looking for meaningful lyrics and a voice. I have some lyrics, ideas.

Guitar Player In Buffalo NY

Buffalo, New York Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Blues
  Buffalo, NY

Drums | Other Percussion
I am in a band with a keyboardist,brass,vocals and guitarist,vocalist with large practice space,we all have pro equipt and more than 30 years pro expeience, need a serious bass player .

Drummer,percussionist In Syracuse

Syracuse, New York Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock | Cover/Tribute | Electronic
  Syracuse, NY

DJ | Drums
Versatile, schooled and dedicated drummer on Long Island. Interests are in Blues, Dance and Jazz Rock but open to other genres as well including Country and original projects.Team player who is drug free and practices on my time - not at rehearsals.

Acoustic/Electronic Drummer

Kings Park, New York Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Blues | Christian Contemporary
  Kings Park, NY

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