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A tried and true veteran of the Atlanta music scene, or the lack there of usually, This will tell you how far I go back, I've played the Somber Reptile, Rec Room, The Strand, and a few other places that don't exist anymore. So, I am an adult musician, I've been playing bass whenever I was playing in a band. Other instruments for on the spot coming up with extra instruments in the backgrounds of recordings. I have recorded In all the big name studio's in Atlanta. I don't name drop, I find that to be tacky and cliché. I'm very experienced at recording bass tracks in really, what some people would call, some of the nicest studio's in North America. I'm a one take kind of guy. not unless you want me to do multiple tracks for bass, that takes a little longer because when you play with your hand instead of a pic, there will be an occasional stroke that isn't exactly saying what needs to be said. So a couple run thru's and I'm good. I've played live shows in Atlanta and the metro Atlanta area, some out of state gigs but nothing as far as a full fledged tour. I'm well known around town if you ask the right people. I've been out of the scene for about 4 yrs. All the while just watching bands that have an amazing roster, but there hearts aren't into it, because they believed in the mythical scroll, the so called "record deal". I've had several offered to me over the years, but the thought of going in debt instead of making money made no sense with me.

Musical Influences & Inspiration

George Clinton and the P-Funk Era., Mothers Finest, I got to hang out with both, very cool people. I studied Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, John Petetuci, Beaver Felton, Billy Sheehan, of course Cliff Burton, a little Les Claypool but it annoys me that his sh*t is hardly ever in key, so only a few songs of his, Rex from Pantera, he's not the best bass player in the world but he's a solid player and some of his bass lines are bluesy and busy all at the same time. I will shout out to Cory L., He was a childhood hero growing up and for him later in life to consider me a peer is a big deal to me. As far as heavy music goes, I consider metal to be metal, all these idiotic sub genre's are retarded. screamo, but not to screamo with some singing, hardcore or deathcore. Shutup, If your at full distortion, playing 32nd notes and the drummer is beating the holy hell at his kit while the singer is reliving something painful and projecting that onto the crowd, is heavy to me. It can be a slow jump up and down old Sevendust style or something blister fast. As long as the anger, and aggression and the pain are being translated into a language an audience can understand and relate to, that's heavy.

Music Genres

Acoustic, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Classical, Electronic, Funk, Hard Rock, Jazz, Latin, Lounge, Metal, Other, Punk, Reggae

Proficient With

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Dobro, Drums, Fiddle, Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Other, Other Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Trombone, Ukulele, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Bass, Vocalist - General, Vocalist - Rock

Gear & Equipment

SVT4 Ampeg Head Rackmount Unit. Running Mono bridged to a Svt 4x10 cab. That's more than enough for practice. If I ever get to stage I'll buy another cabinet, because that head will power two 8x10 Svt's and blow them all to hell. I've got a Line 6 Floor Unit, has computer interface built in, with presets for guitars, basses, and vocals. I'm pretty sure it will be easy to put down Ideas with it. I also have one of the new mac daddy Line 6 wireless system. My bass is a thing of rare beauty. It's an NS2 American Neck thu body, 9volt active electronics, some point in the future I'll upgrade to the 18volt system. It has the highest quality crossover that spectre makes. I had them make this one for me by hand. Stuart Spectre signed the headstock for me. If I get back to playing live, I'll buy another one of these models, but I want this one to have a floating bridge and locking tuners. I've got a couple other basses that have seen to many miles so they are in storage never to come out.

Interested In Musicians Proficient With

Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Bagpipes, Dobro, Drums, Lead Guitar, Other, Other Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Bass, Vocalist - General, Vocalist - Rock, Vocalist - Soprano, Vocalist - Tenor

Seeking To

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