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Vocalist - Alto | Vocalist - General
I'm looking for a band that can play a variety of instruments, loves classic rock, and also is taking a leap of faith to make art. I want to be with people who are down to experiment and just make raw and beautiful songs. I just want to create poetry and sing it wholeheartedly with people who appreciate music as much as I do. I have always kept my singing private in my room but I just recently had a realization and I really want to take a leap of faith because I believe in music and its power. Music runs deep for me and it has honestly got me through so much in my life. I want to do the same for someone else using my words, tunes, rhythms, and a whole experience that touches the soul. I love to write and sing doing my own thing. I'm self-taught and I continue to learn and experiment. I also grew up in a different country with instruments and music that run deep in the culture and go way back and that is something that I would love to incorporate someday! :)

Singer Songwriter In Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Blues
  Harrisonburg, VA

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
I enjoy performing live. I have been doing it since JR High and plan to do it till, I die.

Bass Player Looking To Join A Band

Vienna, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock | Country | Cover/Tribute
  Vienna, VA

Bass Guitar | Drums
Hardcore band in Richmond, Virginia looking for drummer who can play fast and with intensity

Richmond Musicians Wanted

Richmond, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Hard Rock | Metal | Punk
  Richmond, VA

Drums | Lead Guitar
We are a new project located in Stafford VA and are looking for a Bass player and second Guitarist (another Lead or Rhythm). The band has started working on a few covers but will also be doing original material with positive lyrics. We are Christians but let the subtle positive lyrics and the music speak for itself. We have not decided on a band name yet. We are open to playing at any venue.

Stafford, VA Musicians Wanted

Stafford, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Christian Contemporary | Hard Rock | Metal
  Stafford, VA

Keyboard | Piano
I am a musician that has been singing and playing instruments ever since I was little. I have been enjoying it to this day, and I want to jam with some people.

Starting A Rising Band

Harrisonburg, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Celtic | Classical
  Harrisonburg, VA

Drums | Vocalist - General
I am looking for a band to join or form in and around the Roanoke area. Not looking for beginners or intermediate. I consider myself a professional with no ego. Very laid back with leadership qualities.

Drummer With Vocals Looking To Form/Join Band

Covington, Virginia Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Blues
  Covington, VA

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