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Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
I play lead and rhythm guitar in church. About 20 years experience. Also play bass guitar occasionally.

Guitar Player In Gallatin

Gallatin, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Christian Contemporary | Classic Rock | Folk
  Gallatin, TX

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Professional guitar player. Lead and rhythm Not from Houston. And interested in getting to know Houston musicians all in any types. All original music and open minded.

Lead Guitar Player In Houston

Houston, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Blues | Hard Rock
  Houston, TX

Acoustic Guitar | Lead Guitar
I am looking for a jazz oriented band or a bassist and drummer. I am experienced . I would like to play standards, modern, and originals. I am looking to perform in the DFW area to which I have just relocated to , but am open to working outside of that region as well.

Guitarist In Texas

Richardson, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Jazz | Latin
  Richardson, TX

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
hi im 17 and iv been looking for people to jam with and maybe do some nirvana covers with, iv been playing guitar for about 4 years now and im kinda getting bored of playing alone so if any could help me out id deeply appreciate it :)

Looking For People To Jam With

San Antonio, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Other
  San Antonio, TX

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
Blakgraz music combines rock, blues, country, folk, bluegrass, pop, and jazz to create a unique style full of energy, intense passion, unique storytelling, and skillful performance to ensure a memorable experience for each listener every time. Blakgraz first formed in 2010 with the release of the album, "Lust," followed in 2012 with the second Blakgraz album, "Messages in Numbers.". The band's latest release, "Fire," was published in 2019, then in 2020 Blakgraz continued releasing new songs each week under the "Fire" album to reach a total of 26 contributing songs and counting for "Fire." That brings the total number of songs released by Blakgraz to 46 with a new song on the way each week. The main creative force behind Blakgraz is Tom Sweeney. Tom wrote and recorded "Now Is So Beautiful" with Valarie Borman in 2000, and had it reach the No. 1 spot for downloaded songs on MP3, beating out Alanis Morrisette and Blink 182. Tom has had regional success with songwriting in various projects including Shoot the Moon which saw Top 10 positioning on in 2007 for several months and national, regional, and college radio airplay. Tom has been fortunate to share the stage with national touring acts across the entire United States for many years before bringing his drive and obsession for music experimentation.

San Antonio Musicians Wanted

San Antonio, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Bluegrass
  San Antonio, TX

Harmonica | Rhythm Guitar
Would like to join or start a Band. I like the Harder side of Classic Rock, Southern Rock, anything with a Harder Edge, but melodic vocals.

Singer Who Wants To Put On A Show!

Conroe, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Classic Rock | Hard Rock
  Conroe, TX

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