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Drums | Electronic Music
Just moved back to Kerrville from California inherited my Dad's Roland v electronic drumkit and looking for other open minded musicians to create instrumental rock style music ie: Mogwai, explosions in the sky, this will Destroy You, Mono, Godspeed, Battles, Caspian, etc etc.

Alternative Instrumental Rock Drummer

San Antonio, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Electronic | Hard Rock
  San Antonio, TX

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Playing guitar 5ish years, just looking to jam with some people and see what happens

Looking To Jam

Katy, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock
  Katy, TX

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Looking for a band of global conquerors. Serious, driven, original, loosely tight.

Music To Save The World From Itself.

Austin, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Electronic | Psychobilly
  Austin, TX

Drums | Lead Guitar

Muzzle Records Recording Artist Seeks Musicians

Houston, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Hard Rock | Jazz
  Houston, TX

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
An outcast of society and social misfit I've played music for while now. Mostly rhythm sometimes lead. I'd say I'm adequate at most instruments but I like rhythm cause it's easier when I sing and write songs. I'm looking for a female background vocals who can add to what I have. I've got a low voice so I thought a females voice would add more dynamicly and not sound too muddy. But she must play and instrument. I want a tasteful melodic noisy innovative "lead" guitar player. Probably should say melodic guitar I'm not really looking for solos in the traditional sense. A hard hitting drummer who loves using the toms. I want someone who plays the drums like they're riffs from a guitar. Catchy. I've got thirty songs and can't wait to see what soumd emerges from others involved! My songs sound like the Pixies being molested by Magnetic Fields.

Join Me And We'll Rule The World!

Brenham, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Hard Rock
  Brenham, TX

Bass Guitar | Keyboard
Old guy, never been in a band, looking for people to jam with casually for fun.

Bass And Synth Bass In Frisco

Frisco, Texas Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Cover/Tribute | Pop
  Frisco, TX