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Looking for creative collaboration, not money. I enjoy performing even for an audience of one but would rather have a root canal than spend an evening copying a record.

Mature Experienced Sax Tenor Alto

Cincinnati, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Jazz
  Cincinnati, OH

Acoustic Guitar | Lead Guitar
Playing guitar for about 30 years. Many types of venues, from major coliseums to small jazz clubs.

Guitar Player Looking Rythym And Blues Band

Garrettsville, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Cover/Tribute | Jazz
  Garrettsville, OH

Bass Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Hello. I'm a singer-songwriter looking for guitarists, a bassist, keyboard/pianist, saxophonist, and drummer for some music projects I have. The type of music I'm doing will be a hybrid of hard rock/metal with funk, gospel, r&b, soul, and a little bit of country thrown in. I have about 90 songs that I've written so far. I'm looking for people who are interested in this type of music and want to give it a try. Musicians who can also sing would be a bonus but it's not a requirement.

Singer-Songwriter Looking For Bandmates

Akron, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Hard Rock | Metal
  Akron, OH

im looking for a guitar player to play gigs with me on live shows in and around columbus ohio

Looking For Guitar Player To Do Gigs With

Columbus, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Columbus, OH

Bass Guitar
30 year bass player and keys, Studio&Stage. Musician producer. Song writer. Studio & Stage exp.

Experienced Bass Guitar Player, 30 Y.of Exp.

Galloway, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Christian Contemporary | Other | Pop
  Galloway, OH

Bass Guitar | Upright Bass
Seasoned improviser on electric bass with a commitment to Cuba. Working in the Cleveland area in blues, jazz, salsa and rock clubs.

Marc Better

Cleveland, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Funk | Jazz
  Cleveland, OH