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Bass Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
I play several instruments and at this point I mostly spend my time writing and recording my own songs with my digital studio software. I have a lot of stage experience and a little professional studio experience. I'm writing and recording everything by myself but would like some other people to collaborate with and/or help me to manage my workload and material and help me to begin releasing some of these songs. Even though I've been working with this really good software for a few years now and becoming pretty knowledgeable with everything, I'm still having trouble with mixing and mastering these songs.

Rhythm And Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Cincinnati, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Country | Hard Rock
  Cincinnati, OH

Bass Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Electric Bass Player/ Baritone Vocalist looking to join country/western Band.

Country Western Bass Player In Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Country | Rockabilly
  Cincinnati, OH

Acoustic Guitar | Keyboard
Kickstart is a band that covers current and classic rock. We re looking for a new drummer.

Cincinnati Musicians Wanted

Cincinnati, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Classic Rock
  Cincinnati, OH

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
We are a group playing Americana Folk Country and Pop music. We are looking for a Drummer and a Bass Player .

Albany, OH Musicians Wanted

Albany, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Bluegrass | Blues
  Albany, OH

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
I represent a couple bands based in Findlay, Ohio. Psuedomorphic is an original fusion band mixing Post psychedelic, progressive, moderate, reggae, metal/blues/jazz, and funk, and Chromatic Element is an Acoustic Rock group consisting of most of the members of Psuedomorphic doing some original music and a bunch of covers as well. We're looking for a drummer or two who would be interested in playing for us. Please check out our pages (Psuedomorphic, and TabithaKelleyMusic) as well as our YouTube channels which you will find linked below.

2 Bands In Search Of Drummers

Findlay, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Bluegrass
  Findlay, OH

Rhythm Guitar
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Band Looking For Drummer In Akron OH

Akron, Ohio Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Classic Rock | Country
  Akron, OH

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