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Drums | Other Percussion
I Love a well crafted song and especially a song with a good lyric or message. I am a consummate paid professional; solid, dependable, creative and sensitive both musically and to your specific needs. In addition, I am very easy to work & travel with, have reasonable rates, and can offer your music the specific qualities to take it to the next level. Samples of my work: .chrisderosa ./ChrisDeRosaDrummer I have pro gear, comfortable playing with a click, backing tracks, samplers, own a car (w/GPS), and play with dynamics, and sensitivity. In addition I have lots of experience working with some very gifted singer songwriters and bands that you can hear/see on my website. My favorite styles and strengths are quite varied and diverse so I have a lot to bring to the table. Shoot me an at chris (at) chrisderosa () com with your info and some details about your project, goals, needs, and pay. If we all work together anything is possible! Here is a video compilation of my work: I can also record drums remotely at my professional drum tracking studio and send them to you anywhere in the world. I m also available for any other drumming needs you may have i.e. writing sessions, music lessons, video shoot, tours, recording sessions, rehearsals, or as a guest lecturer.

Solid Professional Live Drummer Available

Brooklyn, New York Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Christian Contemporary | Pop
  Brooklyn, NY

Acoustic Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Consider myself to be musically adventurous with eclectic tastes. Played seriously in the 90's gigging a ton and now looking for a casual to moderately serious situation with like minded musicians.

Guitar And Vocals For Band Or Acoustic Duo/trio

Port Chester, New York Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Funk
  Port Chester, NY

Bass Guitar
Energetic bass player looking to form or join a working band. My style is like my influences (varied) but will play almost anything as long as the music is solid. Thanks.

Energetic Bass Player Looking To Form Or Join Band

Cornwall, New York Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Hard Rock | Metal
  Cornwall, NY

Bass Guitar | Drums
Any 40+ male lead guitarists interested in joining a *live in real time* remote-only cover band? To be clear, this isn t a recording project where people do their parts alone and we edit them together later. We re making music together live in real time like any other band. We re just doing it from home. All you need is an audio interface, a wired Ethernet connection, and the free Jamulus software, which is a platform designed specifically for musicians. Essentially, if you sit around for a few hours a week at home playing for fun already, you could do that logged in with us rehearsing and doing livestream gigs for our audience. We don t do it for money because we just enjoy playing together, but the last gig we did we made $300 in tips in about an hour and raised about $3k for a children s charity the gig before that. So there s potentially some pocket change in the mix as well, but it s not really a money gig. We do covers from 70s up, mostly 70s-90s, but not always the same stuff you hear in bars. Mix of genres. I send interested folks a partial set list to get an idea of what we do. This is a high fun, low time commitment gig. One two hour weekly rehearsal. One hour longish gig every 6-8 weeks. All from home with cool people. Would be a great setup for someone who loves to play with people, but doesn t have the time or inclination to bust their hump with commuting, load in/out, setup, breakdown, getting home at 3am for $50 at a bar. We did that for a lot of years and it s definitely got its upside, but this does, too. Check us out at voxandstix

Live In Real Time Online Cover Band

Elmsford, New York Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Pop
  Elmsford, NY

Background Singer | Vocalist - General
I'm 43 a writer and a home health aide.I have loved music as far back as I can remember and strung songs together.I want to eventually perform/ post music and be living in it.I need someone who os maluable and hungry with a passion.Im open to all genres I just need it to mean something and someone or a few to explore that with.

Creating Music Orginal And Redoing Covers

New Milford, New York Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Pop
  New Milford, NY

At the moment, I am traveling coast to coast, searching for an opportunityoo to discover, develop, create or join a fantastic musical experience. I am currently in the Tucson area. As a Composer and Keyboardist, my PRIMARY focus is on performing, recording, and producing Original music. As a Producer, I will work with any serious artist(s) in whatever capacity they may find useful. I use professional keyboards and computer based software synths with a vast library of sounds, Acoustic, Electric, Percussive, and Multilayered Synthesizer sounds. I know it may sound like this is all about me but the question reads. What am I looking for. I guess the short answer would be I m searching for people who are searching for the same things I am. What are YOU looking for? TEAMWORK makes the DREAMWORK.

Keyboardist,Composer, Producer

New York, New York Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Country
  New York, NY