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Acoustic Guitar | Lead Guitar
I have been playing acoustic and electric for about 8 years now. I consider myself a medium player but needing more practice. I am looking for an opportunity to play/practice with others. I am have no great aspirations of being a star. I just want to hone my playing and learn to play along with others. I do like Chuck Berry and the classic rock songs but I also like Johnny Cash and Weezer.

Guitar Player In Alpharetta

Alpharetta, Georgia Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Blues | Classic Rock
  Alpharetta, GA

Canton Musicians Wanted

Canton Drummer Available

Canton, Georgia Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Classic Rock | Country
  Canton, GA

Drums | Other Percussion
Well talk later

Drummer Looking In Alpharetta

Alpharetta, Georgia Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Blues | Classic Rock
  Alpharetta, GA

Bass Guitar | Keyboard
Atlanta Musicians Wanted

Guitarist Lead Vocals And Keys

Atlanta, Georgia Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock
  Atlanta, GA

Acoustic Guitar | Keyboard
It's midnight in the wilderness. From the lost highways and fever swamps of the sinister South emerges a new & defiant voice. GIL QANEIDA is a roadhouse (country soul rock) balladeer (tenor) with a 4 octave range. His primary musical influences include LINDA RONSTADT, SARAH MCLACHLAN, & THE BEATLES.

Soul Rock Balladeer

Atlanta, Georgia Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Classic Rock | Country
  Atlanta, GA

Acoustic Guitar | Bass Guitar
I write, play all instruments,record,24 track tascam,produce. etc. Teach ( Guitar lessons ) and Mulitrack recording ) out of my apt. in McDonough. looking for places to just jam once in a while with other musicans

Guitarist In Mcdonough

Mcdonough, Georgia Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Blues
  Mcdonough, GA

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