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Background Singer | Piano
Vocalist in search of band! Columbia College Chicago alumni just moved back to St. Petersburg and would love to find a band and start gigging around! Currently I street perform at Pier 60 and would love to branch out a bit more and connect with other talented musicians.

Vocalist Looking For Band!

Saint Petersburg, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Pop | R&B
  Saint Petersburg, FL

Background Singer | Vocalist - General
Ex train rider, looking to poorly sing in a punk, doom, hardcore or metal band

Looking To Poorly Sing In A Punk Band

Saint Petersburg, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Folk | Metal
  Saint Petersburg, FL

Background Singer | Other Percussion
Looking For Any Situation That Falls Within My Genres R&B/Classic Soul/Funk/Jazz/Pop

"G" Funk ... Multi-Percussionist

Deltona, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Funk | Jazz | Pop
  Deltona, FL

Background Singer | Bass Guitar
I played in a Classic Rock band in Pennsylvania for over 20 years and moved to Florida 5 years ago. I have not played since but now I've got the itch to do it again!

Classic Rock Bass Player Seeking A Local Rock Band

Oviedo, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock
  Oviedo, FL

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
I wanna Rock. I am not awesome at anything but I can sure as heck Jam. I like to get down with acoustic. I can rock a beat like I'm the 4th Beastie. But I'd rather be me. I have like 24 unreleased full length songs just needing a band or a person to develop with I am flexible available with time and can afford either practice studio or rehearsed studio. Would love to find some like minded people who can actually use recording equipment and have studio time and maybe some stage time. I got Ideas and open to all Genres. I am not a Lead but certainly a foundation to build on.

I Can Jam. Flooded With Ideas.

Jacksonville, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Folk
  Jacksonville, FL

Background Singer | Lead Guitar
Lead singer who can bring the Southern Rock/Funk/Blues. Guitar skills would be an appreciated bonus.

Original Rock Funk Band Out Of Sarasota.

Sarasota, Florida Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Classic Rock | Funk
  Sarasota, FL

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