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Bass Guitar | Drums
Instrumental Psych Doom band in SF. Looking for Rhythm guitar. 1-2 local shows per month. Practice on Fridays. Free rehearsal studio. New album out March. West Coast tour in June

Psych Doom Band In SF Needs Rhythm Guitar

San Francisco, California Musicians Wanted

  Hard Rock | Metal
  San Francisco, CA

Drums | Lead Guitar
I'm looking to be in a band that has spectacular dynamics and really blows people away with variety and depth of sound. I really love 1) closed, tight, restrained, muffled in the verse 2) open, free, fully bloomed in the Chorus. Basically, the loud, quiet, loud thing. I'm interested in meeting people who are serious about their love of music and wanting to do something cool with it. I love to jam, switch instruments, take turns singing songs. I play guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, and I sing. I have a strong voice and I also have a knack for harmonizing. I love improvising but I don't want to get in front of an audience and improvise, or at least JUST improvise. For a crowd I want to play songs and sound rehearsed, tight, etc. For a crowd I want to perform people pleasing songs that don't go on forever, songs that get people of all ages up on their feet and rocking out with the band. I want to show people a good time, also I want to have a good time. Playing music makes me feel great. I picture playing in a mostly original band that also plays covers. I'm confident in my ability as a musician but I'm chill. I want to be at peace with the Universe all around me. Playing in a band is a team sport (so to speak) and I am a team player. I'm looking to find the right team to travel the Bay Area (and possibly occasionally beyond) and spread the good times with us everywhere we go. I want to play in a band for performing, but also recording and making videos. I enjoy the technical aspects of sound engineering and producing videos.

Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist

Oakland, California Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Funk | Pop
  Oakland, CA

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Have an in house studio, two guitarists and a bass player---looking for a drummer to complete an eclectic style band doing blues, classic rock, some jazz with the goal of doing small gigs in the Spring of 2024.

Band Looking For A Drummer

Alamo, California Musicians Wanted

  Blues | Classic Rock | Cover/Tribute
  Alamo, CA

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
I play 8 string lead guitar and playing guitar for over 20 yrs looking to start a metal Djent band

8 String Lead Guitar Looking To Start Band

Azusa, California Musicians Wanted

  Hard Rock | Metal
  Azusa, CA

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Guitarist with Vocals looking for Bassist and Drummer to form a covers and originals band.

Guitarist, Rhythm & Lead, Electric & Acoustic

Lake Forest, California Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock | R&B | Southern Rock
  Lake Forest, CA

Lead Guitar | Rhythm Guitar
Looking for talented, dedicated musicians to join an active recording band with multiple albums

Original Classic Rock Band Looking For Musicians

Palm Desert, California Musicians Wanted

  Classic Rock
  Palm Desert, CA

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