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Accordion | Acoustic Guitar
I'm a seasoned musician and former leader of Right Side Out. I play Americana as well as Christian Worship. I'm looking for a male lead guitar with a strong vocal.

Seasoned Acoustic Guitar/Singer

Scottsdale, Arizona Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Christian Contemporary
  Scottsdale, AZ

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
I was part of the Mid 70's Arizona Music Scene as a guitarist/bassist/ vocals for Custer's Last Band. Have been on radio, TV, Arizona Sounds Vol 1. I have been away from the stage for years but still have my chops. I am great at arranging, some song writing. I have a skill with B-Bender guitar emulating a pedal steel. I like Country, Americana, Blues and Bluegrass. I have the equipment to get the job done. I am looking to join or form a band

Seasoned Guitarist Seeking Band

Phoenix, Arizona Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Bluegrass
  Phoenix, AZ

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
Old man looking to find someone that just likes to play and sing. Not looking for a band or a gig. I'm not exceptionally talented, I play simple rhythm and sing. It makes me happy

Simple Guitar Player

Apache Junction, Arizona Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Classic Rock | Country
  Apache Junction, AZ

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
mike laquerka singer/songwriter THE MICHAEL JAMES BLUES BAND in phoenix arizona. my highlights are many. i have worked with tons of superstars. i say all this on bended knee. i am a very serious writer and i dont take my work for granted. i am a humble person with passion at the core of all i do. i love what i do. my work experience : willie nelson, through fayline productions. glen campbell north phoenix baptist church. alice cooper dressing room veterains colosium phoenix. steve miller band celebrity theater phoenix. kris kristofferson friend. ect..many others over the last 20 years...what im looking for is an older songwriter between 40 and 100 years old, for friendship and serious pro work. must be baised in phoenix. i have work in nightclubs accross america. Its going to be a great and properious adventure.

Old Songwriter Needed For Johnny Depp Project

Phoenix, Arizona Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Alternative Rock | Bluegrass
  Phoenix, AZ

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
Background in progressive hard rock, classic rock, experimental, alternative, atmospheric, doom, and post-rock. Originally from San Diego, spent 15 years making music in Seattle, and now in the Phoenix area working with a twin-lead guitar attack covers outfit working towards gigging and collaborating on original material.

Accomplished Progressive Bassist

Mesa, Arizona Musicians Wanted

  Alternative Rock | Classic Rock | Cover/Tribute
  Mesa, AZ

Acoustic Guitar | Background Singer
I've played trombone for 59 years and bass guitar for 55 years. I've played in orchestras, jazz/swing bands, rock bands, and duos. I read, play by ear, and improvise. Although I'm best on trombone and bass guitar, I also double on guitar and keyboards. I'm a very good background singer (no leads). I operated a professional recording studio in Phoenix for 31 years and won several awards for jingles and post-scores I wrote and produced.

Pro Trombone And Bass Guitar Player

Sun City, Arizona Musicians Wanted

  Acoustic | Classic Rock | Jazz
  Sun City, AZ

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