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Hi, my name is Shawn and I play guitar for Napalmbats from san diego california we have a bass player / Vocalist named Joy she rocks! And Recently added another guitarist Named "Minor" whom we have both been friends with for a long time we have all been friends for 20+ years thats not combined, so really we are looking for a rad friend who plays music So drummer if your out there we have a Booking Agent, and a 7 peice drum set minus a couple cymbals and stands. we also have a practice space in clairmont. we have been a band for 7 years now but we can't get a drummer to commit to showing up I guess the ones I know are flaky good drummers but flaky and we are committed for the long haul we have a lot of opportunities available for us buy again that means commitment we are easy going and hard working all we want to do is get up on stage a shred!

Local San Diego Musician 
Local San Diego Musician 

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Alternative Rock, Electronic, Hard Rock, Metal, Other

Musical Influences & Inspiration

Well we sound like Burzum and Otep mixed we also like Death, graves at sea, behemoth devil driver, tool, white zombie, electric hellfire club skinny puppy and we have really got into our friends different bands they have going like local bands and whatnot Burialkult, traitor, Lovesindoom, Symbolic death, Anarcock, toronto gosh, Beautiful Mutants. we love the band sleep and high on fire, earthless, alot of stoner sludge sounds


Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electronic Music, Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Violin, Vocalist - General

Gear & Equipment

Marshall halfstack valve state guitar amp head (its the actual amp head and cab that belonged to chuck shuldner and yeah i can verify that statement, art SGX 2000 guitar preamp and multi effects rack mount unit, Esp F-10 "2014" limited production, Dean Flying "v", 1983 Gibson Flying "V" boss mt-2 metal zone pedal, Digitech Metal master pedal. our bass player has a Galliean Kruger rg1001 bass amp head, A "Black box" by circuit benders in the uk. art lt preamp and effects unit similar art rack mount gear for the vocals as well. bc Rich nj series mij warlock Bass with active picups, gretch bass great for recording, and a fender p bass, M-audio midi controller to run our sound samples, a vocal effects foot board, and a bass effects foot board D'adagio, Dr. color and Ernie ball strings we have a couple old key boards being circuit bent right now. our other guitarist has a sunno amp head and cab that are custom built and he has a couple of bitchin fender strats

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