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I'm mainly a bass player but I'm also a versatile vocalist for rock/metal styles. i can do death metal growls and can sing clean and even a bit "dirty" sounding. I'm trying to get something started or find a project i can fit into. i like to write, which I'm doing now. I can play guitar well enough to record some ideas. It's really just the more complicated chords that elude me, but i got the power chords and bar chords with basic lead stuff. My bass playing is fingered and I really like to come up with fills when it feels right.

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Musical Influences & Inspiration

I'm a big fan of all things metal pretty much. I'm mostly into stuff you'd see at a Wacken Oa or something like that. Huge Opeth fan. I crafted my bass playing similar to Martin Mendez without the slaps (my 5 string isnt very slap friendly) and me growls are heavily inspired by Mikael Akerfeldt. I've done a song where I went with a Dave Mustane style, which was alot of fun and could possibly do that again. I can play bass while singing for performances. I grew up on classic rock and worked my way into heavier stuff with Rammstein and Korn and eventually made my way up through (early good) Slipknot, Lamb of God, etc. Eventually, I got into more of the stuff from Europe like Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Opeth, Bloodbath, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, etc. I'm also a big fan of Chimaira, Nile (and Narcotic Wasteland), and all things Devin Townsend. Just started getting to Baby Metal from Japan.

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Classic Rock Hard Rock Metal

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Gear & Equipment

I dont have much right now, but I can make the proper investments for decent gear in the near future. Right now, i just have my bass which is a Schecter Raiden 5, and a Kerry King signature series Rich Warlock. I use my ol' reliable Line6 TonePort UX2 on my laptop and simulate the different tones i need for my guitars and vocals. I use these tones in real time and can actually run the audio to any Pa system. I have a pretty good stage mic with cables and a mic stand. I also have a condenser mic for high-quality studio vocal recording when i do final mixes. I have recording software on my laptop and the audio runs through 2 passive studio monitors for even mixing. And, for what it's worth, i can edit video, too.

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Drums Keyboard Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar Vocalist - General

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